FABRI-LOC® Adhesive Bonding Net


Lucas Quality Products range of FABRI-LOC® Adhesive Bonding Net joins fabrics, natural & synthetic fibers without sewing. Strong, durable, flexible and transparent, FABRI-LOC® allows you to heat seal hems, cuffs, seams, lining and facing without machine sewing or hand stitching. Lucas’ FABRI-LOC® features a better grade Polyamide Adhesive Natural Fibers Bonding Net that is almost double the bonding strength of other brands.

Fast, and easy to use, with FABRI-LOC® alteration of garments and draperies can be accomplished almost as fast as they are pinned into place. Perfect for hems, seams, cuffs, interfacings, appliques, waistbands & more!

Bonding Net: $7 – $30

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1 ½” x 50 yards, 1”x 50 yards, 2 ½” x 50 yards, 2” x 50 yards, 3” x 50 yards, 3/4” x 50 yards, 5/8” x 50 yards